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双语阅读:Oliver Bascom 师从天降(MP3)

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本文摘要:Oliver Bascom师从天降It is a mystery how I grew to be such a tall girl, but I learned at an early age to cope with my size by trying to be as unremarkable as possible. At school, I wore drab colors and low heel shoes. I always chose a seat in


Oliver Bascom师从天降It is a mystery how I grew to be such a tall girl, but I learned at an early age to cope with my size by trying to be as unremarkable as possible. At school, I wore drab colors and low heel shoes. I always chose a seat in the back of the room, never raised my hand in class and with my head down and shoulders stooped, I virtually slouched my way through junior high school.我是如何长成这么高的一个女孩还真是个谜。不外,从很小的时候起,我就学会了怎样应对自己的个头问题,那就是只管让自己不起眼。

在学校里,我穿颜色昏暗的衣服和低跟鞋。我总挑课堂后排的位子坐,在课堂上也从不举手讲话。低头垂肩,我险些就这样渡过了初中时代。When I was 16, we moved to a small town. I was relatively happy in my new school although still very self-conscious about my height. Our teachers were caring and conscientious , and I especially liked the old maid English teacher because she loved to discuss Greek mythology, and she always cried when she read poetry to us. The first day of classes in my senior year, however, the school was abuzz with the news that the old maid had left to get married and that we were going to have a new English teacher, Oliver Bascom.16岁时,我家搬到了一个小镇上。



Oliver Bascom! He had to be a close relative of Mr. Peepers with a name like that! My girlfriends and I doubled over with laughter as we collaborated in conjuring up visions of a short, bald, skinny, prune-faced Caspar Milquetoast wearing horn rimmed glasses and plaid pants. The situation wasn't really funny because we were going to have to endure this man for the entire year. As we lethargically made our way to class, each of us determined silently to find a seat as far back in the room as possible.奥利弗·巴斯科姆!叫这样的名字,他一定是皮伯斯先生的近亲吧!我和女友们一起理想这小我私家的样子:身材矮小、脑门谢顶、瘦骨嶙峋,长着一张西梅干似的皱巴巴的脸,活脱脱一个戴着角制边框眼镜、身穿格子裤的卡斯帕·米尔克托斯特(编注:H.T.韦伯斯特在其连环漫画《胆小鬼》中所塑造的人物,天性温顺、敏感、胆小懦弱、犹豫不决,常被人轻视)。想到这儿,我们都笑弯了腰。



We arrived just before the tardy bell, opened the door and there, in front of the blackboard, descended directly from Mount Olympus, stood Adonis. He was tall and young and handsome and had the classic chiseled features of a Greek statue.我们走到门口,姗姗来迟的上课铃声恰好响起。推开课堂门,我们看到黑板前面站着从奥林匹斯山直接下凡而来的“阿多尼斯”(译注:希腊神话中的美女子)。

他高峻、年轻、英俊,有着希腊雕塑般精雕细琢的古典味道。What ensued was sheer pandemonium , a melee of seventeen-year-old girls, flying elbows and feet, scrambling to get to seats in the front of the room. With my long legs and arms, I managed to secure the front row center desk.接下来课堂里一片杂乱,一群17岁的女孩展开混战,手脚并用地争夺着课堂前排的座位。出于手长腿长的优势,我乐成抢到了课堂前排正中间的位置。I was desperate to make a good impression on my new teacher, but kept quiet because I didn't have anything interesting to say. The day that directions were given for our first major writing assignment, I arrived late to class. A friend later gave me the guidelines and I thought I understood them. I worked the entire weekend on the essay, turned it in on time and waited anxiously for Mr. Bascom's evaluation.我极端盼望给新老师留下好印象,可因为没什么有趣的事儿可讲,只好默不作声。


我花了整个周末写完这篇文章,并定时交了上去,接着便焦虑地等候着巴斯科姆老师的评价。After three or four days, he arrived in class bearing a stack of the corrected papers, which he put on the desk in two piles.三四天之后,巴斯科姆老师带着一摞改好的作业本走进课堂,并把它们分成两叠放在讲桌上。

I've selected the ten best essays for class comment and discussion, he said.“我挑了十篇最好的文章供大家评论和讨论。”他说。Twenty minutes later, my heart sank when he got to the last composition in the pile, and I realized that mine had not made the top ten. Oh, where to hide? Why had I ever chosen the most exposed desk in the room?20分钟后,当他举行到那一叠中的最后一篇作文时,我意识到自己的文章并没有进入前十名,我的心沉到了谷底。

哎,要躲去那里呢?当初自己为什么要选择坐在课堂里最显眼的座位上啊?These are all outstanding efforts, Mr. Bascom continued, "however, I am now going to read you the most successful of all, a composition which is completely different from the rest and which is remarkable for its originality and creativity." He pulled a paper out of his briefcase and began to read. We all dropped our jaws as it dawned on us that I was the author of this unusual work.“这些文章都很精彩,”巴斯科姆老师接着说,“不外,我现在要给大家读读所有作文中最乐成的一篇,它与其他作文完全差别,因其原创性和创意性而显得非同寻常。”他从公牍包里拿出一篇作文,开始读起来。当知道是我写了这篇奇特的作文时,同学们个个都惊讶得不得了。

I never told anyone that the reason my composition was so different was because I had totally misunderstood the assignment. Nevertheless, a different girl walked out of the classroom that day. I knew that I had a new set of standards to live up to and that anything was possible in the future.On my way to my next class, I could actually feel my spine stretch as I raised my head and straightened my shoulders.我从未告诉过任何人,我的作文之所以如此与众差别,是因为我其时完全把作业要求明白错了。只管如此,在那一天,一个女孩以崭新的面目走出了课堂。我知道自己有了一套新的准则可以践行,而且未来一切皆有可能。